Welcome to kumpania folk dancers of bend, oregon

March, 2014 Posted by Audrey Adams

Kumpania Folk Dance Group in Bend, Oregon meets weekly, dancing and teaching beginning to advanced Balkan and Eastern European dances.

Kumpania means "company" or "family group," and the purpose of our group is to join in good fellowship, dance those folk dances in our repertoire, and learn new dances as we attend workshops and classes, from all around Oregon to major California symposiums, and from travel to other countries of interest. All our dances are non-partner dances.

join us!

International dance (and its music) is fascinating, and a wonderful window into other cultures. To dance in a circle or line, or as a couple, is a joyful experience with other people, and we seek to do the dances as authentically as possible.

We welcome new dancers to come learn from 7:00 to 8 p.m.; however most of the dances take time to master. You will eventually develop a “vocabulary” of steps which are used in many dances. The primary thing is learning how to learn, which includes tolerating the clumsy period when you feel like a geek. We’ve all felt that way, but it’s much harder for adults to learn because we think we should know it already for some reason. Come at 7:00 for easy dances and some instruction, then enjoy watching and/or trying harder dances after 8:00. There is a donation fee of $5.00 to cover hall rental.

Our repertoire includes dances from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Near East, as well as Greece, Turkey, Israel and France. We are always seeking to expand the range of countries we explore through dancing. We also invite guest teachers when possible to introduce new dances to us.